AK 24 V CeraMaxx Evolution


AK 24 V CeraMaxx

The new AK24 V CeraMaxx high-performance grinding disc is 7 mm thick and offers increased productivity with up to three times greater material removal than standard discs on the market. Further highlights include maximum aggressiveness along with comfortable handling, enhanced efficiency thanks to incredible service life and outstanding performance with low contact pressure.

  • Minimal effort = protects people and machines
  • Aggressive material removal at all times = ultimate productivity
  • Smooth running and streamlined = comfortable handling
  • Cool grinding without blue discolouration = no reworking
  • Outstanding service life = fewer tool changes

Applications: This grinding disc is ideal for the most demanding grinding tasks such as: Preparing and removing welding seams, removing weld spatters, descaling and rough deburring, grinding work on metals, fettling. For stainless steel, steel, high-alloy steels, chromium steel, chrome nickel steel, non-ferrous metals. Ideal for users working in pipeline construction, shipyards, metal construction, foundries, commercial vehicle production, steel construction, plant engineering, crane construction and the manufacturing of building machines.

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